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16/03 - 14/11: Behind The Scenes Tour Of The Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps

Join us at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps for an exceptional day in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes.

  • Discover the history and the backstage of the Circuit during our guided tours.
  • Our multilingual guide will take you through the key places of the Circuit for about 1H30: the 24 Hours and Formula 1 paddocks, the press room, the announcer's booths, the mythical podium where the greatest drivers parade. You can even discover a place that is normally inaccessible: the Race Control room, the nerve centre of the Circuit's track safety.
  • The evolution of the Circuit, its legendary layout and its eventful history will no longer hold any secrets for you.
  • More information on our website:
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16/06 - 07/01 : Kroll throws bottles into the sea

The Spa-Jalhay-Stoumont Cultural Center, the City of Spa and Pierre Kroll have teamed up to launch bottles into the sea!

  • Bottles, drawings, impressions, thoughts...
  • What is press illustration?
  • Does it sail in deep waters or on the surface?
  • Messages thrown into the sea... It's up to the viewer, the visitor, to make the beach or the hold of these drawings...
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17/06 - 03/09: Exhibition Moshi - Moshi

Come and discover the exhibition of the Belgian Art Studio Moshi Moshi !

  • Impossible to classify the Belgian art studio Moshi Moshi, which does what it wants to do as it wants to do it; founded by the visual artist Philippe Knoops and his wife Caroline Descamps, it stands at the confluence of art and design.
  • As we all know, the colours that surround us have a direct influence on the mind and sometimes even on the body. Depending on their characteristics, they can have a positive, soothing or invigorating effect and for most of us, they are the main source of direct information about our environment.
  • It is therefore quite natural that colour occupies a predominant place in the Moshi Moshi universe... Over time, Philippe's style has evolved towards a more spontaneous, acidulous and immediate abstraction; pure and pop colours balance spaces and are supported by a flow of black strokes that make them exist without opposing them. The play of textures and colours creates maximum visual impact, beneficial and colourful eruptions that reassure and soothe. Using dancing lines and slamming colours to catch the eye gently, to challenge without shocking, to make people think without giving lessons.
  • Galerie Azur - Free entrance.
  • Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm, Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.
  • Other days by appointment.
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17/06 - 29/10 : Garden Sculptures Exhibition

Take a stroll through the aisles, and you'll be surprised to discover more than twenty sculptures in a variety of forms and techniques: bronze sculptures by Marc De Corte, charming glass sculptures by the Borowski family, rusted iron sculptures by Scholte and many more...

  • Thursday: 11:00 to 18:00
  • Friday: 11:00 to 18:00
  • Saturday: 11:00 to 18:00
  • Sunday: from 14:00 to 18:00
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01/04 - 15/12 : The History of Laundry from Antiquity to the Present Day

An unusual, informative and entertaining visit. For all ages!

  • Do you know how women (and sometimes men) laundered clothes before the invention of the washing machine? Do you know what products were used before soap was invented? What was the ancestor of the iron?
  • The museum traces the history of laundry from ancient times to the present day.
  • Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 6pm.
  • School holidays (except Christmas) from 2pm to 6pm.
  • Families and groups of 8 or more: daily from 9am to 6pm (booking essential).
  • Adults €4 - children €1.
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19/04 - 05/11: Humans, Tomorrow - Kroll

BEB DEUM, 40 years of graphic design

  • Stavelot Abbey is presenting the 40-year career of BEB-DEUM (Bertrand DEMEY), an astonishing and explosive French cartoonist, graphic designer and illustrator!
  • The early years of his career were marked by illustrations for the press, publishing and advertising, as well as for comic strips.
  • His travels took him around the world (Japan, Africa, Brazil, India, etc.) and in 1998 he decided to enhance his work with digital tools. From then on, he turned towards a new imaginary world of exoticism and infinite creative and technical possibilities.
  • For 15 years, he worked on the Mondiale Tm project, imagining the man of the future confronted with outrageous globalisation and the commodification of the human body underpinned by advances in science and technology.
  • A pioneer in digital work, he has become a virtuoso in the field.
  • In 2010, the artist was awarded the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire, France's most prestigious prize for "Literatures of the Imaginary".
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06/10 -08/10 : Super Spa

Not all heroes wear capes... Some of them wear helmets !

  • Get ready for a crazy weekend: the SuperSpa brings together the titans of the motoring world!
  • Enjoy an extraordinary experience with vehicles from the last 50 years, including a diverse collection of powerful, compact and efficient, yet highly competitive marvels!
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21/10 - 22/10 : 24h 2CV

Mark your calendars!

  • Since 1985, some sixty supercharged cars have been lining up at the start of the double-header at Spa-Francorchamps! The race is an integral part of the RACB championship, which features 5 to 8 races a year.
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11/11: Concert - When jazz is here

Come and enjoy a fun and relaxed evening!

  • This show could be summed up as the Petite histoire de la chanson française, which is closely related to jazz. Michel Desaubies on vocals, André Meuwis on piano, Mimi Verderame on guitar.
  • Salle "La Glacière" at 8.15pm.
  • Booking essential.
  • Price: €17
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24/11 - 26/11 : Spa Rally 2023

Come and watch the final of the Kroon-Oil Belgian Rally Championship!

  • No sooner has calm returned to the town centre at the end of a 2022 edition of the Spa Rally that was unanimously acclaimed for its route and the quality of its field, as well as the omnipresence of a large and disciplined public and the return of the assistance service to the heart of the town, than DG Sport is already in a position to make the dates of the 8th edition of its event official.
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28/12: Guided nature walk - The Torchlight Walk

The Torchlight Walk... An evening to discover Stavelot in a different way!

  • By torchlight, our guides will take you to some unexpected places...
  • There'll be music and entertainment for all ages!
  • Whether you're with the family or a group of friends, come and join us on this wonderful walk!
  • We look forward to welcoming you! - FR/NL
  • 7 departures, 5pm to 8pm, Stavelot Tourist Office, Abbey glass gallery.
  • Admission charge from €11 (adult price) - Dogs not allowed.
  • ! Registration required, from 1 November only: +32 (0) 80 86 27 06
  • -
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22/06/24 - 23/06/24 : British Car Meeting

The British Car Meeting is an event dedicated exclusively to British cars, both new and old, bringing together professionals, enthusiasts, customers, parts dealers and marque clubs to share a common passion.

  • It's a unique event in Belgium, with the only European equivalent - outside the UK - taking place in Morges, Switzerland.
  • The project is being masterfully managed by a BCM committee made up of a mix of Kiwanis members - some of whom organised the Rétro Mobile in Stavelot in the past - and non-members, recognised for their skills in the automotive world. All the profits generated will be donated to Kiwanis social initiatives.
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